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09 February 2012 @ 06:39 pm
jin and meisa: married and preggerz
ayumi: divorced
kumi: married and preggerz
yuu darvish and saeko: divorced
someone in kpop: sex tape
SNSD: on letterman and rippa and was in a club (wtf)
B.A.P: awesome debut

and the giants won the superbowl seriously 2012 i starting off great!!!!!! keep it coming!!!!!!!!!
.................seriously i see jay chou getting married to that pre-schooler in the near future....
26 January 2012 @ 03:28 pm
The M.V. is epic and honestly i wasn't expecting much from them but i'm surprised the whole mini album is flawless!!!! Finally something worth listening to in kpop i almost gave up lol. i hope they are a huge success it seems to me that in kpop if your not in the "BIG 3" no one really gives a hoot about you which i think is not fair.

.... since the release of their MV i've seen the Zelo and Bang comparisons with GD and T.O.P... seriously lets stop people....

n e who new fan so excited Bang is hot and Zelo is adorable (can't believe he's 15 the boy has skillz)

OK so SM with your 50 million EXO teaser when the hell are they gonna debut???? i'm not even hyped about it anymore... actually never was excited about it...
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25 January 2012 @ 12:06 am
Rewatched this drama a second time which for me is unheard of especially when it's 21 episodes.
Van ness Wu is freaking amazing Ady An was also amazing nd Xiao Xiao Bin was too cute seriously haven't seen a drama (made from 2009 onward) that could match it's epicness!!! perfect soundtrack (Ding Dang's Night Cat Album), perfect cast (with wonderful acting) and, although the story line may be very cliche (especially if you watch a lot of k-drama's or movies) it was executed perfectly!!!! GOSH i love that drama...
20 January 2012 @ 10:40 am
Ok so first day the new semester and I'm freakin out idk where I'm going and this schedual makes no sense my stomach hurts I can't find the bathroom and I look a hot mess :(

Class starts in 20 min sooo scared... I just hope I don't see n e one from high school... I guess ill start walkin to the other building now... it's cold outside...

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19 January 2012 @ 02:52 am
i start the new semester tomorrow im so scared since i'm going to the other campus now.i have no idea where i'm going i'm gonna be so lost :(

OMG i'm watching the devil beside you... why are all old dramas so good???? the new ones coming out can barely keep my interest long enough to finish... mike he is soooo freaking hot and figaro ceng is the cutest grown man i've seen in a long time and rainie is ADORABLE<3

we've been living in a hotel for almost 2 months now...4-5 in a square box all day and you bet we are ready to kill eachother lol crossing my fingers for february that we get this apartment.

been kinda getting back into the kpop fandom and this new group chaos :) i like their debut song although i have a feeling once i know the english translation i won't (the only beauty of not knowing a language) and OMG we got married leeteuk and kang sora couple... can you say too cute!!!!! after the first season of WGM i gave up but i'm back ^^ and i'm loving the current 3 couples of season 3 and omg i can't wait for dongae's we got married spin off dating thing he's one of my favorite suju members so  would love to see how he acts with a girlfriend. but can we get my bb eunhyuk a girlfriend he's so cute and sweet and omg rumor has it he dated G.Na when she was a trainee... yea can't see it they don't even look compatible maybe now but seriously eunhyuk back in the day looked a hot mess then BAM he got hot out of nowhere.....and speaking of hot can someone tell me why siwon is the  "face" of suju i seriously don't find that guy hot... and omg my bb ryeowook and his moves live jaggar cover performance OMG i almost lost my mind he was kickin ass and takin names, touching girls, dancing, perfect english and lord who would have known he had a body!?!?!?!

it's almost 3 am i should be sleep....

so random and all over the place i know, i just type w.e comes to mind....

OMG big time rush was on ellen the other day!!!LOGAN<3
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18 January 2012 @ 12:11 pm
every other website SOPA/PIPA dis SOPA/PIPA dat F**K SOPA/PIPA and F**K the senate if they pass dat sh*t
01 January 2012 @ 12:11 am
no seriously happy new year hope 2012 brings everyone much happiness and hopefully stress free ^^
15 December 2011 @ 03:19 pm
i ended AP lab with a D screw you Mondays and stupid weekend job!!!!!!!! i wanted to end with atleast a C i just hope this doesn't mean i have to retake it the nursing program is really competitive wtf am i going to do!!!!!!!!!! o well w.e will def. be getting an A in A.P. Lab 2

i watched maou for the 1st time last week and omg the best Jdrama i've seen in a while....

omg was BTR in NEW YORK????? <-----random!!!!! my sister's a fan of them and got me hook (so ashamed) oooohhhh Logan <3 i wanna see them in concert we where gonna go see them in Allentown for my sister's bday but i had work and Allentown is too far!!! o well one of these days i swear.
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29 August 2011 @ 11:22 pm
i start college in 2 day and i'm freaking out!!!! i'm soo excited but scared at the same time you know college is a big deal!!! i have a lot of things to do tomorrow in order to prepare so much to do in so little time gosh!!
04 August 2011 @ 04:35 pm

lovin super junior's new song mr. simple <3 super junior has def. grown a lot since their debut and i'm so happy i stuck around!!!!! with M.I.A's, DUI /hit and run's/getting shipped off to the military, and a member suing/leaving the group the remaing 10 have been holding down the fort my only concern is my BBs heechul and leeteuk are getting old military service is creeping up on them i'm sure by the time the go in kangin will be back and he can help hold down the fort (doubt it DUI/hit and runs is some serious sh*t) then when they come back from the military more members have to go in then another round of members have to go in it's going to be a big mess if you ask me :(

either way love super junior<3

the only thing about the song is a hear a little sorry sorry in there idk maybe just me....