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23 July 2012 @ 05:35 pm
Job, YES PLEASE!!!! Paid internship, ????  
Today i get a call from my father stating that a family friend has a paid intern opening for me to do payroll. Of course i'm super excited since this is a job and i need money BUT i also filled out an application for a job who is doing a mass hiring for a new department opening and i'm not sure what the hell i should do!!!!

With the internship i guess i could gain a valuable learning experience although i'm super awkward and have a sort of adult phobia and i'll be working with the CEO's sister which a little too much for my awkwardness to handle and i'll be doing payroll which i have no idea how to do!!! The pro's is that i can extend my network of people but seriously i'm going to school to be a nurse if it was an intern at a hospital i'd be super hyped. Since the whole thing is through a connection i'm super happy and grateful BUT i really don't want to let her down because i am a bit of a dunce when it comes to doing pretty much anything. :( 

The mass hiring is well pretty much a guaranteed job that i need at the moment. It's full time and unlike the intern it doesn't have an expiration date. The job is literally 10 minutes from my house and since there is only one car in my house this would be a major plus. 

I don't know as much as i'm a little skeptical of the internship i have a hunch that taking this intern would be more helpful than harmful and i could possibly apply to the other one later and (hopefully) this internship could give me a leg up in landing that job later on.

Did i mention having to wear business attire that i don't own? Hell i barely own clothes and of what i do have consists of all t-shirts and jeans!!

I just hope that i can be deemed helpful and worthy of employment. Seriously i'm a complete dunce and i grasp on to things slowly.  I barely have any job experience and my social skills are lacking. i really don't want to disappoint anyone or fuck up anyone's paycheck lol.