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07 May 2012 @ 12:13 am
Last week of school!!!! YAY!!!! it's been a long freaking semester like seriously school's been kicking my ass and i'm tired...
but n e who last week i was in school minding my own business studying whenthis girl comes up to me and says excuse me Sir, Sir. I was so damn shock i'm like wth did this girl just call me a Sir?????? like omg i know i be going to school busted as hell but Sir!!!!!!! i don't think i look like a man!!!!! FML...FML.

ok so by the time i'm done this it will be May 7th so i just have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KUBOZUKA YOUSUKE!!!!!!!! **throws confetti** he's gonna be 33 today!!!!! the man is hot as hell and i'd wish he'd return to making television drama's the man can act his ass off!!! and trust dramaland needs him... A.S.A.P i'm seriously bored with drama's these days i'm trying to find a decent drama to watch but can't. i watch j,t and k drama's but can't find n e thing that will keep my interest.... it's hard as hell!!!!! so i've joined my sister in watching Vampire diares and my mom watching Scandal <----------- THIS SHOW IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!

back on topic: again HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUBOZUKA YOUSUKE!!!!!

i reccomend to watch his drama ikebukuro west gate park... his supporting role as king was amazing too funny!!! you'll fall in love with him

i'd also reccomend his movies: GO! and Laundry(i found this movie sad cute and him sooo damn adorable)

if only he wasn't married with a child....

ok, fuck spell check, im done. need...sleep...nowZZZzzzz...
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